Access Review by Nadia Clarke: George Ezra @ Cannock Chase Forest

20 July 2018

Here is Access Review #3 from the fabulous Nadia Clarke who ventured further this time and into the Forest of Cannock Chase.

Venue: Cannock Chase Forest Live – Outdoor Venue

Date: 1st July 2018

What: George Ezra

Does the venue provide carers/PA tickets?

Yes, but we need 2 PAs and they only provide 1PA ticket

 If so, What is their policy on PA tickets? Is it clear on the website or did you have to contact them directly to find out?

We emailed and phoned. We had to buy the tickets first and then ask for a PA ticket.

What is the booking process for these tickets / events? Is it easy / difficult / user friendly?

Bit complicated and had to double check a few times before we went that we had the PA ticket as nothing had arrived.  We were unclear that we needed to pick it up at the venue on the day.  This meant we had to phone and there was no record of our buying the tickets in the first place, then we had to email a photo of the tickets and the evidence DLA letter.

If it involved speaking to someone over the phone / via email, were they friendly / approachable?

Quite friendly.

Was access information readily available before  your visit? If it is online – is it easy to find? Readable? In plain English? Did you have to contact them to ask any questions?

Good information on the website.   Easy to read.   There is a link on the FAQ for the access policy.  Would be better to have a link to access on the front page.

Is there disabled parking available? If so, is it close to the venue? Is if free?

Parking was easy, lots of space and near to the venue. No cost.

 Was there a disabled entrance? If so, was it easy to find? Were staff helpful?

Staff were very helpful.  8 out of 10.  Easy to find disabled entrance.

How did the staff make you feel if/when you asked for help? (this might be booking tickets, asking where facilities are etc)

Staff were great.

Please provide any other additional information about this venue / event

The platform was very far back and little space.  Very crowded.  Very hard to see as to see the concert and very frustrated that you had come a long way to see George Ezra.

The ground was not easy for the wheelchair and was gravel.    Difficult to get around.

Accessible toilets were too small to get the wheelchair in and I had to leave it outside. Had to take everything off the wheelchair and take it in with me.


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