Access Review by Nadia Clarke: Feis Liverpool

21 August 2018

Here we are again for the fourth in our series of Access Reviews by our resident critic, Nadia Clarke. Today’s review is of ‘Feis’ Liverpool, a celebration of Irish music and culture.

Venue: Pier Head, Liverpool

Date: 7th July 2018

What: Various artists including: Van Morrison and Imelda May

Festival Logo

Does the venue provide carers/PA tickets?

One free ticket for PA

If so, What is their policy on PA tickets? Is it clear on the website or did you have to contact them directly to find out?

I had to send an email to the festival, I have 2 carers but the festival policy is one free carer ticket so unfortunately I had to purchase the second carer ticket.

What is the booking process for these tickets / events? Is it easy / difficult / user friendly?

I think it was very simple, the website was very friendly, easy to access and explore all the information and when we text the customer service asking for the carer ticket their reply was quick.

If it involved speaking to someone over the phone / via email, were they friendly / approachable?

Yes, it was. Quick answer, and good service online.

Was access information readily available before your visit? If it is online – is it easy to find? Readable? In plain English? Did you have to contact them to ask any questions?

Yes, I think it was very simple. The website had all the information about how to get there, how to contact them, and with the ticket confirmation they sent all the details as well about the location and accessibility.

Is there disabled parking available? If so, is it close to the venue? Is if free?

I didn’t use the parking area.

Was there a disabled entrance? If so, was it easy to find? Were staff helpful?

There was a disabled entrance and it was easy to find. Staff were great and the queues were small

Entrance to Feis

How did the staff make you feel if/when you asked for help? (this might be booking tickets, asking where facilities are etc)

I think the staff were helpful especially when we asked them how to find the accessible toilets. The staff had walkie talkies to communicate to each other with.

Accessible toilets

Enough space and clean. They were Portable toilets, well sign posted and accessible.

What were the positives of this venue?

It was a huge area and not over crowded making it easy to walk between stages.

 Please provide any other additional information about this venue / event

The view was not good from the wheelchair platform, also not enough space for all the wheelchair users and carers who attended the venue.

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