Access Review by Nadia Clarke: WOMAD

21 August 2018

Access Review #5 for Nadia is world music and dance; a weekend of culture and diversity.

Venue: WOMAD Festival, Charlton Park

Date: 26th – 29th July 2018

What: World music, dance and art outdoor festival

Nadia enjoying the atmosphere

Does the venue provide carers/PA tickets?

Yes, Womad provided 2 PA tickets.

If so, What is their policy on PA tickets? Is it clear on the website or did you have to contact them directly to find out?

The 2 PA tickets were free of charge.  It was made clear what to do on the website, I booked my ticket online and then sent an email requesting the 2 PA tickets

What is the booking process for these tickets / events? Is it easy / difficult / user friendly?

It was an easy process.  I booked online for my ticket and then sent them an email asking about 2 PA tickets

If it involved speaking to someone over the phone / via email, were they friendly / approachable?

Everything was done via email, they were very friendly and helpful but did not reply immediately .

Front Row Life!

Was access information readily available before  your visit? If it is online – is it easy to find? Readable? In plain English? Did you have to contact them to ask any questions?

Yes all access information was readily available on the Womad website and app.

Is there disabled parking available? If so, is it close to the venue? Is if free?

Yes there was free disabled parking.  As we did not camp we returned to Womad each day.  Some days we managed to park a lot closer then others but overall it was good.

Was there a disabled entrance? If so, was it easy to find? Were staff helpful?

There was not a disabled entrance.  The staff were very friendly and approachable.

How did the staff make you feel if/when you asked for help? (this might be booking tickets, asking where facilities are etc)

Staff always tried their best to help us with any thing we requested.  They made us all feel very welcome.

What were the positives of this venue?

Easy to get between music tents, great food stands.  Good viewing platform at most of the stages. Great attitude from staff and stewards.

Please provide any other additional information about this venue / event

There were several temporary paths that had been put in place between stages and food stalls.  These often made it very difficult in my wheelchair. It was like trying to get up a big curb.  The interpreters were great I just wish there had been more of them.  Also at the start of the festival the interpreters were standing at the side of the stage that could not be seen by the viewing platform, where they were most needed.  This was corrected for all other performances once we pointed it out to staff.

Night Vibes WOMAD Style

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