Access Review by Nadia Clarke: Rae Morris

16 October 2018

Access Review #6 for Nadia is a gig to see Rae Morris.

Venue: O2 Ritz, Manchester

Date: 5th October 2018

What: Live music

O2 Ritz Logo

Does the venue provide carers/PA tickets?

Yes, they provided me 2 free career tickets showing my DLA as an evidence.

If so, What is their policy on PA tickets? Is it clear on the website or did you have to contact them directly to find out?

I did research on the website first and then I emailed them asking for the PA tickets.

What is the booking process for these tickets / events? Is it easy / difficult / user friendly?

I think it was very simple, the website was very friendly, easy to access and explore all the information and when we text the customer service asking for the carer ticket their reply was quick.

If it involved speaking to someone over the phone / via email, were they friendly / approachable?

The information advice was very friendly, quick and helpful.

Rae Morris Rocking Out!

Was access information readily available before your visit? If it is online – is it easy to find? Readable? In plain English? Did you have to contact them to ask any questions?

The information on the website was very easy to understandable, very simple and clearly text explaining how to buy the tickets, access to contact them, how to get to the venue. Also, the distribution along the website made the experience very simple with links to follow of the main information of a costumer can have.

Is there disabled parking available? If so, is it close to the venue? Is if free?

Is wasn’t easy to find a parking spot in the centre of Manchester, the venue didn’t have any agreements with the car parking nearby, so was quite hard because is a very busy area.

Was there a disabled entrance? If so, was it easy to find? Were staff helpful?

They had a special door who was opened for the staff who also guide me and my carers to the disabled area in front of the stage.

How did the staff make you feel if/when you asked for help? (this might be booking tickets, asking where facilities are etc)

I think was fantastic the organization because they knew in advance that I was going so they had a list of “very special guests” and the treatment that they gave to us was thoughtful and kind.

Accessible toilets

I didn’t use it however, was next to the disable area and specifically assigned for wheelchair users.

 What were the positives of this venue?

I think was positive to be next to non- disabled people but still having a priority zone to feel comfortable with a good view.

 Please provide any other additional information about this venue / event

I found difficult to see Rae Morris because when she sat on the piano was a big speaker locking the view from the disabled area. However, was positive that she was dancing all along the stage, so I only missed the acoustic songs.

View From the Disabled Area

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