Meet Anna!

21 March 2019

The last two years at Gig Buddies Calderdale Towers have been filled with fun, music and many theatre shows. It’s been a privilege to have started the project here and meet so many wonderful people.

We’re delighted to have received continuation funding which has meant we have been able to add to our (already tiny) team.

Here is a piece written by our newest addition….

Hello! I’m Anna and I’ve just started my new role as Gig Buddies Project Assistant at Square Chapel. I’m excited to meet the Gig Buddies group and attend my first social in the coming weeks.

Our Gig Buddies Project Assistant

I was interested in joining the
Gig Buddies team because I’m passionate about encouraging and supporting
everyone to take part in and experience arts activities and events. Over the
last few years I’ve been working across West Yorkshire in the arts sector on
projects that aim to get all kinds of different people involved in creative
opportunities whether it be visual art, dance theatre or poetry in the area
that they live in.

Some of my favourite things to do
are going to the theatre (particularly at Square Chapel…of course), going to
music gigs (usually with my mum) and having a drink with friends. I live in
Calderdale and there are so many opportunities to go to fun events throughout
the year so I’m looking forward to planning socials with the group and Gemma.

The Gig Buddies project is brilliant because there is so much freedom and choice for buddies to attend exciting events together and I’m really pleased to be part of a project that promotes this.  

We’re looking forward to seeing how far Gig Buddies Calderdale continues to grow in the future.


  • Kate says:

    Welcome aboard the gig buddies ship Anna! We look forward to hearing about your adventures! Love from gig buddies Brighton ??

  • Carol says:

    On behalf of all of us in Sydney Welcome to the growing GB’s family Anna! really looking forward to hearing how it goes x

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