Hello From Tilz

25 June 2019

Hello my name is Tilz Ray and I am 18 years old. I have just started my new role as Gig Buddies Quality Checker at Square Chapel. This means I will be  in charge of social media accounts and attend socials as well as finding new events for Gig Buddies to attend and getting feedback from all the Buddies on what they like and how to improve things. On the 12th of June I attended my first social at the Lantern Pub in Halifax. I was nervous to meet everybody and worried about how it would go. However all the Gig Buddies made me feel extremely welcome and I ended up not wanting to leave. I can’t wait until the next one! The reason I was interested in joining the Gig Buddies community is because I am a great believer in equality and think that everyone should have equal opportunities to go out and socialise. I also love going out to new places and interacting with new people. My favourite thing to do is putting on and going to performances with the Orange Box Choir. I have been a member at the Orange Box Choir since it started in 2017. Since then we have been to all sorts of places and events my favourite of which is when we went to the Anniversary of the charity Bradford Night Stop. As well as going to choir events I also love going to gigs, pubs and cultural festivals and events. I can’t wait to continue my journey at Gig Buddies and meet some more amazing people. 

This is me at my first social trying to figure out the rules of Cluedo

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