Gig Buddies Promo Video

19 September 2019

Over the last few months we have been working with Ludovico Media, run by our Ambassador Darren Jefferies, to create a promotional video to spread the work about Gig Buddies Calderdale. We are hoping that the video captures the fun and chilled essence of Gig Buddies and will encourage more people to get involved! Please feel free to share the video to people who you think might be interested in the project.

We want to spread the word about Gig Buddies so that as many people with learning disabilities and/or autism in Calderdale can stay up late and have some fun!

If you would like to volunteer for Gig Buddies, would like a Gig Buddy of your own, or just want to find out more, then get in touch with Anna (Gig Buddies Coordinator).

Phone: 01422 353073

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