Tilz’s Six Month Blog.

25 October 2019

Hey, all Tilz here I have been the quality checker at Gig Buddies for six months now and so much has happened. It has truly been a life changing experience and I have enjoyed every second of it. I thought I’d share some of the highlights of my experience so far.

I have learned a lot in my time at Gig Buddies and I been able to expand my knowledge and skill set. For example, when I first started at Gig Buddies, I had little to no leadership experience. However now I have more experience and I am confident in leading different workshops and activities. I have also discovered that I can do more than I ever thought was possible and I love being able to help other people with additional need like self.

One of the most memorable moment so far for me is probably my fist social back in June. I was extremely nervous to go to my first social as it was my first-time meeting everyone. The social was a games night at the lantern pub and spent the evening playing cludo and getting to meet everyone who was there. Everyone was so kind made me feel so welcomed.

Through out my time at Gig Buddies everyone has made me feel so supported and included it is like a little family. I cant wait to continue my time at Gig Buddies. I would also like to thank everyone for making me feel so accepted. I would like to also say a massive thank you to Anna for helping me and supporting me through every stage.

Stay awesome and unique


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